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Al Fareej Restaurant – A Visit to the best Iranian restaurant in Dubai

If you are craving kebabs and looking for the best Iranian restaurant in Dubai, then you must visit Al Fareej restaurant. We are always on the hunt for the best in Dubai, be it restaurants, cafes, hotels, or things to do in Dubai.

This time we have found one of the best Iranian restaurants in Dubai located at Jumeirah for kebabs lovers.

If you have not experienced the fantastic flavours of Persian food, you have been missing out on a lot about Iran. Along with the rich culture and history, Iranian cuisines are among the best in the world.


Al Fareej Restaurant is a renowned Emirati and Persian cuisine restaurant located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This restaurant prides itself on offering authentic and traditional Emirati and Persian dishes that are prepared using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. With its cozy and welcoming ambience, Al Fareej is a great place to experience the flavors and culture of the United Arab Emirates and Iran.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, from succulent lamb and chicken kebabs to classic Emirati dishes like machboos and thareed, all cooked to perfection by the expert chefs. Guests can also enjoy a variety of salads, appetizers, and desserts, along with refreshing and traditional drinks such as karak tea and laban.

Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist looking for an authentic Emirati or Persian dining experience, Al Fareej Restaurant is a must-visit destination in Dubai.3

Al Fareej restaurant can give you the best Iranian Food experience in town because nothing smells delicious like the smell of authentic flavourful kebabs.

You’re in for a delightful, memorable adventure at Al Fareej Restaurant. This restaurant is a hidden gem known to serve THE BEST TIKKA KEBABS in Dubai since 1987.

Al Fareej serves authentic, hot and juicy Iranian kebabs cooked to perfection. We recently dined at the newly opened branch in Jumeirah, which provides a glamourous view of the Dubai skyline.

They also have provisions for outdoor seating, which is best to be enjoyed with friends and family on winter evenings.


On our visit to this cosy restaurant, we had the Family Mix Grill Platter, which was a dinner meal for two priced at AED100/-.

The menu is short, sweet, and packed with flavour. The Fareej Family Mix Grill platter included:

• 10 skewers of succulent kebabs – Chicken Yoghurt Tikka, Lamb Yoghurt Tikka, Boneless Chicken Tikka, Lamb Lemon Tikka
• 2 bowls of salad – Fattoush and Fresh Jirjir with Pomegranate
• A plate of warm saffron rice topped with dry pomegranate seeds
• French fries
• A bowl of hummus
• 4 pieces of fresh bread right out of the traditional oven
• Okra Stew with tender meat

Al Fareej Restaurant – Best Iranian Restaurant In Dubai

You can watch the staff as they prepare your meal for you. Watching the skilled staff press the fresh kebab mixture around the skewer and then watching them grill these kebabs to perfection is a truly remarkable experience.

Everything had a unique taste. The kebabs were succulent, cotton tender, unbelievably delicious, with a mouth-watering taste from the first bite to the last.


Located at the corner of a street in Jumeirah, Al Fareej restaurant provides Burj Khalifa review and the rest of the Skyline. This particular branch has indoor seating and outdoor seating with staff always around to cater to your needs.


Catching the Shaikh Zayed Road is the easiest way to get to Al Fareej Restaurant, and Business Bay is the closest metro station to this branch.


We visited the Jumeirah branch but they have branches across 4 emirates – Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima and Ajman. You can visit Al Fareej Restaurant website to know more.


Al Fareej UAE has become one of the best Iranian kebab restaurants in town. If you love kebabs, you should come to this place and try this specialty

You will not be disappointed!

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