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Museum of the Future Ticket Price, Visiting Time and More – New Attraction

Museum of the Future Ticket Price, Visiting Time and More – New Attraction

If you are in Dubai or planning a trip to Dubai then you must visit the Museum of the Future. This is the newly opened attraction in Dubai, built on an area of 30,000. Visitors will be treated to an experience that makes use of technology to show artwork and inspire guests to think about what the future may look like for topics such as outer space, nature and health and wellness.

The stunning structure is at 78m and was listed by National Geographic magazine as among 14 of the most stunning museums in the world in a list put together by National Geographic magazine in July.

What’s inside the exhibitions?

The museum of the Future has 7 floors out of which 5 of the floors are for main exhibition spaces. It takes between 2 and 3 hours to explore the museum. The museum is a trip into the future of 2071 and creates the image of what the future might look like for topics like bioengineering, outer space resource development, ecosystems, health, wellness and spirituality.

One of the space-themed exhibits is titled “New Moon” and shows how the Moon can be turned into an energy source that is renewable for the entire world.

The experience is immersive and recreates the way it could look in a space station located 600 km above Earth and “gaze out the windows” to look at the Moon.

Visitors can tour this space-based station, and discover the pioneers who reside and work there. An exhibit focusing on nature presents a mixed reality reconstruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Visitors can experience the interplay between hundreds of different species and look for aspects that are invisible to the naked eye.

A wellness-themed exhibit takes visitors to the “sanctuary” which is away from the digital world in which they are invited to reconnect with their mind-body, mind and spirit.

A different area is known as “The Centre” and lets visitors feel the benefits of relaxation through meditation, movement and water by soaking in the waves that balance the electromagnetic field of their surroundings.


What is the meaning of the facade of the Museum signify?

The façade is decorated with Arabic calligraphy with three quotes from the poems composed by his Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice-President and the Prime Minister of the UAE and the Dubai ruler.

Sheikh Mohammed Sheikh Mohammed said the Museum of the Future is “the most beautiful structure in the world on Earth”.

It’s a magnificent design that is an enthralling Arabic that stands as an indication of the resurgence of Arab excellence in the fields of mathematics, science, and research, and recognition of the earlier Arab intellectuals who are looking towards enlightenment of Arab civilization as well as the Renaissance.

What to expect at the Museum of the Future?

The Museum of the Future is a “living museum” aiming to be a part of a significant intellectual revolution by connecting thinkers and experts from all over the world, and acting as a laboratory for future generations to develop new solutions to the problems confronting society.

In one trip visitors will be transported through the galactic experience, which reveals our future space, as well as the potential wonders of the ecology of the future and a more personal and human experience as they explore the future of health.

What exactly are the latest technologies within the Museum?

Museum of the Future employs the most recent technologies of virtual and augmented reality as well as data analysis, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction.

In answer to a variety of questions about the future of humankind societies, cities, and life on Earth and space The Museum’s exhibits weave an entire world that goes beyond human understanding offering visitors unique experiences through five different exhibits that examine the future of living and space travel as well as climate change, wellbeing, ecology and spirituality.

What is the cost of a ticket to visit the Museum?

The cost of an entry ticket is Dh 145 per person.

Are there any tickets for kids and senior citizens?

Tickets are free to children, people with determination, and Emirati senior citizens.

What are the museum timings?

The Museum of the Future is open from 10 am to 6 pm throughout the week.

Should I make bookings before visiting?

Reservations must be made before the scheduled time for visiting because every ticket holder will get an allocated time slot within the museum’s opening hours.

What is the size of the Museum?

The stunning structure of the Museum is situated 77 meters above the ground. It is an architectural marvel constructed using robotic technology that emphasizes sustainability. The Museum is powered by the sun’s 4,000 megawatts of power. The building is completely pillar-free and is comprised of seven distinct as well different floors.

The Museum is a fantastic opportunity to look into the future in all its dimensions and shapes for people who visit.

How can I get there using Metro?

The Museum of the Future is located right next to the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai. Metro customers must be out of at the Emirates Towers Station on the Red Line.

Do I need proof of Covid vaccination or a recent PCR test result to enter?

Not at this time. “This may be subject to change and we will notify you should this change before your visit,” the website’s FAQ says.

Do I require Covid vaccination or an updated PCR test result to be able to enter?

At the moment it is not required but it is subject to change, and in this case, the official website will update it.

 Are parking spaces available? Is it cost-free?

Self-parking will be free to the Museum of the Future ticket holders on the day that tickets are valid only for a 3-hour. Be aware that parking spaces are restricted and subject to availability.

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