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Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel Opening, Facts, Timing & Ticket – The World’s Largest Observation Wheel

Are you excited to visit the world’s largest Ferris wheel which is opening on the 21st of October,2021? We are.

Located at Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai is the giant Ferris wheel globally, with each Hi-tech cabin reaching up to 250 metres high and providing 360-degree views of the Dubai skyline.

Some cabins in Ain Dubai Ferris wheel is specially designed for dining experiences and to host special events.

Over 9000 tonnes of steel were used in the creation of this fantastic masterpiece.

Ain Dubai will be open to the public from 21st October.

  • 250m high
  • 48 hi-tech cabins
  • 48 hi-tech cabins
  • Each ride last around 38 minutes

About Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

According to Dubai’s tourism department, Dubai’s wheel utilized approximately 25 percent more steel than constructed the Eiffel Tower. The rims are secured by cables that are about 2400 kilometres in length when stretched.

Ain Dubai, the giant observation wheel which has been in development on Dubai’s Bluewaters Island development for more than six years, is scheduled to be open on the 21st of October 2021.

It will then become the world’s biggest observation wheel. However, it’s not just beating the competition. It has completely destroyed it.

With a height of more than 250m, Ain Dubai is 82 meters higher than the highest Ferris wheel in operation which is The High Roller in Las Vegas. It’s nearly twice larger than the London Eye, which towers over the River Thames at 135 meters.

Dubai is the home for the tallest buildings in the world, highest restaurant, highest infinity pool, largest indoor park theme, largest fountain show, largest natural flower garden, and now the biggest Ferris Wheel.

Views From Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

The view is the most stunning, unprecedented glimpse of the Dubai skyline. If it is clear, you can see from Bluewaters up to Dubai Marina and JBR, across to Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel, The Burj Khalifa, and over to the Arabian Gulf.

Types of Cabin in Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

Types of Cabin in Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel:

  1. Observation cabins (the standard option)
  2. Cabins for social experiences and
  3. Private cabins, which can be booked out for special occasions and include the option of a private three-course dinner over two rotations of the wheel.

Ain Dubai Ferrris Wheel Timings

The hours of operation for Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel are from 12 pm to 10 pm daily

What is the price of Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel ticket?

As there are three types of cabins in Ain Dubai Ferris wheel, the prices for the ticket depend on the cabin you choose. The starting price of the Dubai Ferris wheel ticket is AED 130 and it changes according to the cabins you choose.


Ticket PackagePriceDurationWhat’s included
Ain in Dubai VIews 130 AED 38 mins Only experience
Ain in Dubai Family Pass 370 AED 38 mins 2 Adults (above 12 years and 1 adult must be at least 21 years)
and 2 Children (3 – 12 years)
Ain Dubai Family Plus Pass 450 AED 38 mins 2 Adults (above 12 years and 1 adult must be at least 21 years)
and 2 Children (3 – 12 years) + Snack and Beverages per person


Ticket Package PriceDuration What’s included
Ain in Dubai Loung Plus (21+ Only)175 AED38 minsPremium check-in and 1 beverage in the Seaview lounge
Ain in Dubai Premium250 AED 38 mins Luxury experience in a premium shared a cabin with F&B outlets
Ain in Dubai Vibes Plus200 AED 38 mins Paty atmosphere with 2 house beverages served in your cabin


Ticket Package PriceDuration What’s included
Celebrate Ain Dubai Club1150 AED38 minsAccess to private cabin and options for premium check-in
Celebrate Ain Dubai Plus1900 AED38 minsPrivate air-conditioned luxury cabin, mocktails or cocktails, and more

Amazing Facts of Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

  1. The height of the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel is 250m which is more than twice what is the size of the London Eye
  2. A full rotation can be around 38 minutes.
  3. Ain Dubai has a capacity for up to 1,750 people
  4. You can have a party or celebration in the most luxurious cabins
  5. To mark a special occasion it is possible to book an entire cabin
  6. Each of the wheels has a maximum altitude of 126 metres
  7.    The length of each rung of the wheel is longer than the length of a full-sized football pitch.  
  8. If all the wires inside these spokes are joined from end to end, they could be stretched to a distance of 2,400km.
  9. 15 London buses could fit on every wheel’s lug.
  10. The axis is as heavy as four A380 aircraft.
  11. The steel plant has 9,000 tonnes used in the construction of Ain Dubai.

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