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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Dubai: Sip, Relax, Repeat

Are you a coffee lover like us and looking for the best coffee shops nearby your place in Dubai? Then your search ends here. We have covered a list of the best coffee shops in Dubai for you.

1. Atmosphere Restaurant, Burj Khalifa

We visited the world’s highest restaurant in the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. We were welcomed with some of the best food that you can feast your eyes upon.

But the fascinating part was trying a 24-carat gold Kopi Luwak Cappuccino; if there is any way to start a meal, then sipping this absolute delight is the way forward.

If you are in Dubai, make sure that you head to Atmosphere Dubai at the first opportunity for a coffee.

Address: Atmosphere Restaurant, For reservations call +971 4 888 3828 or visit this link

2. Opso Dubai

We found this fantastic spot while looking for a coffee shops in Dubai Mall, and this is our new coffee hotspot in the Dubai mall.

Social Cafe by Opso is a standout from the crowd when it comes to coffee with a view experience as it is located in the Dubai Mall and offers an incredible view of the Dubai Fountain. We were blown away by the sheer quality of coffee and then the breakfast.

We highly recommend a visit to this restaurant at any time of the day for a coffee!

Address: Ops Dubai, Dubai Mall, Level 2 New Extension,

3. Icons Coffee Couture

More than just Organic Coffee 🌟. Icons Coffee Couture is one of the best spots that brings the perfect combination of coffee with a view that nourishes the body in every way.

Our new favourite coffee spot down the Pointe Palm is @iconscoffeecouture, and what a spot it is.

We arrived at the restaurant not knowing too much about this spot, but by the time we were leaving, it had made a mark on us, and we were telling all of our friends about it.

If you are looking for coffee shops in Dubai near the Pointe Palm, you must visit Icons Coffee Couture as it is a great spot to watch the world’s largest fountain show.

Address: Icons Coffee Couture, Al Mirziban – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

4. Starbucks in Al Seef

Whether you are a coffee lover or a Starbucks fan? You must visit this unique branch of Starbucks in Dubai’s Al Seef.

We found this gem of a coffee shop nearby Al Seef heritage hotel during our stay.

Address: Marsa Al Seef – Dubai – United Arab Emirates .

5. Drop Dubai

Enjoy Spanish Latte at Drop Dubai coffee shop located at Al Khawaneej Walk. If you want to make it more interesting, enjoy the coffee with a Kiri pastry. ⁣

If you are looking for a coffee shop near Al khawaneej Walk, then Drop Dubai is highly recommended.

Address: Drop Dubai at Al khawaneej Walk, Dubai

6. Frappy

Waking up early in the morning and having such a well-prepared coffee can be a blessing. This coffee is well prepared and crafted by a professional barista.

7. Parkers

How about trying a fantastic cappuccino with an artistic design of key? If you are looking for something extravaganza, then visit Parker’s coffee shop in Dubai.

The idea of branding amongst coffee shops has become an incredible way to communicate with consumers in a distinctive way for creating a long-lasting impression. This coffee art depicts the Parkers Keys 🗝 which have to be searched.

Address: Mirdiff City Center, level 1, Unit- F021A – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

8. My Home Kitchen

Artistic Latte has become a valuable skill whereby baristas create numerous designs and holograms to resonate with the brand.

The cafe has become a meet-up place where people socialize by sharing ideas and problems. Experience lies within the heart of gastronomy as a happy customer translates to customer retention.

If you are not in the mood to visit coffee shops in Dubai nearby your place early morning then just go online and order coffee from the comfort of your home.

Address: My Home Kitchen, 49MP+RJG – Dubai Silicon Oasis – Industrial Area – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

9. Chapter One Floral Cafe

This coffee shop cafe makes a mesmerizing design by pouring microfoam is particularly challenging and can be done by a few experienced baristas.

Don’t you think this is an attractive way to kick off the day by having a solid note of coffee? Flat White is usually made by mixing milk, espresso and less foam when compared with the latte.

Address: Dubai Silicon Oasis – Industrial Area – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

10. The backyard

Warm-up start of your day with a freshly made cup of coffee at The Backyard. This coffee café shop near Nad Al Hammar is perfect for you if you are cravings for coffee and pastries.

Address: The backyard, Warehouse 6, Street 16A, Nad Al Hammar, Dubai, UAE

11. Bateel Gourmet

The concept of having dates flavour in coffee seems to be quite enticing, especially when it’s served by Bateel.

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