Review of FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket – 3 Axis Gimbal for Phone

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Last updated on November 13th, 2019 at 04:08 pm

In this post, I am going to review a new gimbal from FeiyuTech and the name of the gimbal is Vlog Pocket.

You can also call it mobile camera stabilizer as it is used to stabilize the camera while taking photos and videos.

The best feature of this gimbal is that it is the lightest, easy to use, and foldable 3 axis gimbal for phone available in the market.

To start using it just mount your smartphone in the smartphone holder and press function button for a long time and you are ready to click photos and videos.

It is the perfect gimbal for travel vloggers and for those who are new to vlogging as it is easy to carry.

Below are  few of its features which makes it stand out amongst other gimbals online:

  1. Foldable
  2. Lightweight
  3. Pocket-friendly
  4. Portrait and landscape shot
  5. Object tracking
  6. Controls smartphone camera motion
  7. Easy to carry and use
  8. Reasonable price

Colours Available:

FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket Colours
FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket

         Midnight Black                                           Dreamy Pink

What Comes With FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket?

Unboxing FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket
  • Tripod
  • Carry pouch
  • Micro USB cable

Design and Features

The FeiyuTech Vlog looks small in size and foldable because of its eagle wing-shaped built.

Mounting and balancing have made simple as you just need to keep your phone in the centre of the smartphone holder. The gimbal comes with the tripod, by mounting on it you can take amazing panoramic pictures.

The gimbal comes with the tripod, by mounting on it you can take amazing panoramic pictures.

It also comes with the object tracking features which helps you to track your face or object which you want to target. After activating this feature no matter where you move the gimbal will keep your face or object focused.

You can quickly switch between landscape to portrait mode by double-clicking the function button.


Its charging can last up to 8 hours when in use and 14 hours on standby which makes it perfect for travel vloggers.



Should I Buy FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket?

Yes, considering the price and the number of awesome features this gimbal has as compared to other gimbals in the market today for indoor and outdoor vlogging.



Click to know more: FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket


If you are planning to start vlogging or already into vlogging and looking for the best gimbal online which is easy to carry, long battery life, and comes with amazing features then you should definitely go with Vlog Pocket from FeiyuTech.

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