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Dubai Reopens for Tourist from 7th of July, 2020

Dubai Reopens for Tourist from 7th of July, 2020

Finally, Dubai is opening for tourist from 7th of July 2020.

I know many of you must be relieved and relax after hearing this news that one of the most loved city in the world is ready to welcome tourist again.

This news is good for those who work in Dubai and visited other countries for some business or personal reason and got stuck because of Covid_19 pandemic.

Yes, this happened with one of my friend who works in Dubai and went to India for professional development and got stuck because of sudden enouncement of complete lockdown from the government of India.

So, this is a good news for people like him and tourists who are planning to visit Dubai.

However, there are some rules which you need to follow if you are planning to visit Dubai which I have listed below to make your life easy.

To Do Before Visiting Dubai After Covid_9 Pandemic:

  • Download Covid_19 DXB app once you arrive at Dubai airport and register your details.
  • Follow physical distancing and use face masks at all times.
  • Fill health declaration form
  • You must have valid international health insurance.
  • Go through PCR test for Covid_19 before your visit to Dubai.
  • You need to show proof of not being infected on arrival at Dubai airports.
  • Carry proof of PCR test done 4 days before the date of departure.

If failed to provide proof of your PCR test then you will be tested again at the Dubai airports and you need to follow these rules after that:

  • You can’t leave your house before your Covid_19 test result comes
  • If a test result comes positive, you need to home isolate yourself for 14 days and those sharing homes or living in a high populated area, need to isolate at an institutional facility.
  • The employer should make arrangement facilities according to the guidelines or bear the expense of a paid isolation facility provided by the government.

There are some responsibilities which travellers should follow during their travel period to Dubai:

  • Travellers must make themselves aware of the protocols and conditions specified by the Government of Dubai and destination countries before travelling and ensure they comply with them.
  • Travellers must disclose any health symptoms before travelling by filling out the ‘Health Declaration Form’ provided by the airline company.
  • UAE nationals must notify UAE embassies in the countries they are visiting if they test positive for COVID-19.
  • Tourists must ensure they have international health insurance before travelling.
  • All tourists must show that they have tested negative in a PCR test done four days (96 hours) before the departure date. If they cannot provide test results, they will be tested at Dubai airports.
  • Those who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate themselves for 14 days at their home or in an institutional facility provided by the government at their own expense.
  • Travellers must strictly follow physical distancing guidelines in accordance with measures followed at Dubai airports and use face masks at all times.
  • All passengers should stringently observe precautionary measures and monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms.

To know more check out the official website:

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